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River Restoration

Rivers are the lifeblood of our communities and the indicator species for the health of the watershed. Healthy rivers provide numerous benefits including clean water for healthy aquatic ecosystems, habitat for fish and wildlife, better resilience against storms and floods, increased property values and reduced vulnerability from invasive species, climate change and future land use changes. River enhancements make economic sense. Healthy rivers and floodplains suffer less damage from flooding, fires and other natural disasters. They serve as refuges where people spend money on recreational opportunities such as fishing, boating and hiking and they protect aquifer recharge zones that improve water quality.

FishermanCrane Associates specializes in the rehabilitation of river systems. Whether it’s for a public river park, a private ranch, an urban waterway or a cooperative irrigation ditch, Crane Associates has the experience to meet or exceed the goals of the project. This firm has decades of experience in developing, designing, constructing and monitoring collaborative projects that meet the requirements of competing stakeholders. We combine hydraulic computer modeling with years of engineering, aquatic biology and project management experience to deliver a comprehensive project from start to finish.

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